Beverly Chan
Designer and Calligrapher
Hong Kong

Illustration by
Miho Tomimasu

Dear Twenty-Five,

Hello, old friend.

I spent a good few days wondering what to write to you (to me), because 25 years is an interesting age. Not quite as young as misguided youth, not quite as old as... well, wise and old. And, it sort of feels like I knew you just yesterday.

Now, this letter may have the tendency to start sounding like cookie-cutter nuggets of inspiration. So I will keep this as honest and concise as possible.

First, I wish to say this: You are in a good place. Even if it may not feel as secure as you’d wish it to be. Disorientation is often humbling; it is good if you trust it.

Where will you be in two years’ time? You will be living and working in Hong Kong. (I know, Hong Kong! Who would’ve guessed it? You've always hated this place. It is just as crowded and hot as you remember, but you will see: you will learn to appreciate the culture, opportunities, and history of this city in no time.) During these next two years, you will also learn that rest and letting yourself do ‘nothing’ every so often is magic, not only for your own wellbeing but for everything and everyone around you. Also, finding balance and allowing peace are conscious habits you must continually cultivate, as the landscapes and people around you continually change.

And I must say this: Do not forget that this is your journey, your adventure—so have fun and find out what it is that is being called of you at this stage in your life! Don’t get too far ahead or behind yourself. Be patient; be here now. You are building up today for what will be tomorrow. Be grateful, have a good laugh (or a good cry, if needed) and carry on. And allow others to find their own way (in their own ways) too.

Finally, stay faithful to your own courage, your own beauty within and your ability to do good. This will help you do the same for others. And, of course, please wholeheartedly embrace each day as it comes! (...But you already know this.)

Love always,

From your future self,


P.S. Jay, who has just arrived to the flat and has brought over your favourite congee (he has also moved to Hong Kong), says, ‘You are hot!’

July 2013