David Vogeleer
Associate Creative Director/Technology
Richmond, VA

Illustration by
Miho Tomimasu

Dear 25-year-old David,

It’s me, err, it’s you from the future. Eight years in the future to be exact. I’d ask how you are, but I remember.

So let’s get the general Q&A out of the way. There are no flying cars (but a couple of self-driving ones), robots have not enslaved humanity (but they clean floors), and you’ve yet to grow into your ears.

I’m writing you today to let you know it works out. Not that eight years from now is the end, but I’ve come to realize it works out. All that anxiety you feel about ‘what’s next’ in love, in your career, in life in general. It works out. It’s not easy, or at least it didn’t feel easy as I came to this conclusion, but looking back, it was a lot less scary than I thought. Seriously, the next several years are going to be amazing and world-altering for you. The worst days will be blips you will barely be able to recall, and the best days seem to surround your thoughts. I’d send pictures, but despite what you might think, a little surprise in life is a good thing.

You are going to shake off some of the awkwardness you have (you know you do!) without ever losing who you are. You’ll be proud of that. Your friends, old and new, will also appreciate that about you. You’ll learn what size clothes you’re supposed to wear. (Here’s a hint, at 130lbs soaking wet, it’s not a size large.) You’ll figure out your hair situation, and sadly yes, your hairline does move a little bit more, but it’s still in a good spot.

You’re going to keep old friends that are important to you, and meet a whole slew of new ones that will become equally as important to you. Some of them will become as close as family. You’ll cut your teeth beside them. You’ll come out of your shell a bit more around them. You’ll grow with them. They will never know how much they mean to you, but you’ll try to make sure they know.

Now time for the advice portion of this letter. It’s simple: Take risks. You will know them when you see them, and some you won’t be able to avoid if you wanted to. Take them. You will be the person you hope to be for taking them. And each one you take will lead to bigger and better ones. Take those too.

And just remember, on those days of doubt, those singular moments of time when you feel a little alone, or that things aren’t going quite according to plan, those moments WILL PASS. They are fleeting. They are the dip before the rollercoaster takes off skyward. It’s a fun ride, I promise.

Okay, a couple more updates that I know you’re wondering about: Yes, your wife is super hot. Yes, you have a good job and it’s pretty geeky. You don’t have any kids yet, but I’m excited to update you about that in about six months. I hope to update you that I’m an awesome dad who doesn’t mind diapers at all. Time will tell.

Always remember to follow your gut, be who you are, and eat whatever you want. Seriously, your metabolism still holds up.

Forever you, just a little older,


July 2013