Holly Chan
Business Student & Non-Profit Volunteer
Vancouver, BC

Illustration by
Rachel Suen

Dear Holly,

At age 25, how lucky you are to explore the world, live in another country, meet people from all over the place, and have a loving home to come home to! After spending a couple of years in Hong Kong, a whole other world, you were right to follow your heart and move back to Vancouver to pursue spa/aesthetic studies, and to develop your relationship with this Mr. Ben Yip (who just proposed to you this weekend!).

At age 25, you are just starting to explore your true passions and interests in life. You will continue working for big corporate hotels which will eventually lead you to realize that it doesn't lend to creativity, spontaneity, and the ‘bigger picture’ of life. You will also form values including those you derive from friendships—meaning you will begin to grow apart from certain people and closer to others. Because you are forming your character, you will begin to really draw yourself to people who have similar beliefs, perspectives, and interests—people who you'll want to stick around with for the long haul. Because you're still young and haven't experienced any real challenges, just remember to be nice to people and only speak words of kindness and encouragement, even when you're talking behind their back! Words are powerful and can hurt and heal. Be a good listener. Continue to follow your gut instinct!

At age 25, you have so much time and endless opportunity. You will spend your time wisely—travel is essential and a part of you who are. May you always find the time and resources to explore, even in your own province and country. Never stop learning—you've always enjoyed being the ‘teacher’ as well as the student. You enjoy entrepreneurial activities and you constantly think about opening your own business one day soon. But don't forget it's not all about you—look at the bigger picture—how can you sustain yourself and the family while contributing to the community at large? There really is much more to life than what YOU want to do.

Your unwavering faith in God will continue to take you to great places. He's already done so much in your life, just wait to see what's in store! His plans for you are so much more than you can imagine.

Continue to live and love life. And remember, it's whatever you make it.


Holly (at age 29 :) )

July 2013