Joyce Cheng
Hong Kong

Illustration by
Miho Tomimasu

Dear Joyce,

This year's a weird one. Work-wise, you're gonna have the opportunity to be a part of a few really cool, new projects including a stage musical, three movies and a large-scale concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum... But you may stray a little from your main passion: singing/writing your own songs. However, the theme song you wrote and recorded for a 500+ episode sitcom will be well-received. While visiting a friend's new place, a little boy who happens to be in the same elevator as you will recognize you. He will want to let you know that he knows your song and he will try his best to sing it using made up alien words to replace the ones he doesn't know. The awe and sheer excitement in his eyes remind you THIS is why you do what you do.

You're going to have an episode where you lose your voice and discover that there's a bump on your vocal chords. The doctor will tell you that you must rest your voice or else the bump'll need to be surgically removed which may lead to permanent damage to your voice. HOARSENESS FOREVER. This is happening while you're preparing for a one hour solo concert in Reno, rehearsing a musical ten hours a day and practicing seven other songs for another concert in Guangzhou. You will feel like you've been forced into a dead-end and like the sky is falling down in concrete chunks all around you.

Everything works out.

While from the outside (and at times from the inside too), your professional life may seem like it's starting to spiral downwards, at the end of this year you will realize it's because your personal life has rocketed upwards. This is a year of relationships. You will start with a painful end of a long relationship in which you will be left with a feeling of emptiness and despair. You will take part in a few dodgy boy scenarios that will lead you to believe that you're going to die an old maid.

Everything works out.

By the end of your twenty-fifth year alive, you will have rekindled old friendships and you will also have gained several new, solid friendships too. You will have had the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your family. You will have restored and braced your spiritual relationship with God and... you will have found love. None of that old maid bullshit.

Your relationship with yourself will grow the most this year. You will discover what being beautiful truly means. And though there are still moments when you feel absolutely hideous, you will generally be a lot more comfortable in your own skin.

This is a very important year where you will learn to love yourself as you should. It will be a year filled with mortifyingly low lows and rewardingly high highs. Just as any other time you've ever come across an obstacle, know that anything worth having isn't easy to achieve. So keep your big girl panties pulled up and know that everything works out.



July 2013