Marko Trkulja
Volleyball Player/Gamer
Jesenice, Slovenia

Illustration by
Miho Tomimasu

To: 25 year old Marko

Hi Marko

I hope you have found your job alredy or are studing to get to your job. I wish that you are in volleyball club or finding a job or a youtuber. I hope you have a beautiful wife or a girlfriend. I hope you aren’t as lazy as me now. I want you to maybe be in a theatre. I wish that you have a lot of money and that you are maybe a pro video gamer. I hope you moved to an awesome city or a beautiful village. Now I want you to get good grades (if you are in school) and I want you to have a lot of friends a beautiful house or an apartment. I hope Mom and Dad will be still alive when you are reading this. Maybe you already saw a couple of your favourite youtubers or volleyball players. Like the youtuber Minnesotaburns or you saw Kay van Dijk again. Maybe you will already have kids I don’t know but you surtenly do. I also want to know if you learned a couple of new languages and travelled to diferent countries. I am having a wonderful time I hope you are having a wonderful time too.

Write back soon.

From: 13 year old Marko

June 2013